• Approachable

    We've developed Seren with the installer in mind, creating an intuitive design that makes it simple to install, with all the smart control a homeowner needs.

  • Protected

    Built-in RCD and PEN fault protection is paired with the highest level of testing and compliance, ensuring that with Seren, you’re in safe hands.

  • Environmental

    We are dedicated to driving transformational change through Seren. Every EV charger we design can be fully remanufactured for complete circularity.

Charge the world

The Seren cloud app allows you to control, schedule and personalise your charger from your phone, whilst at home or away. This smart capability enables you to lock your charger whilst not in use or switch the charger on when energy prices are at their lowest.

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  • Smart Charging

    With a smart schedule, you can set specific and convenient times for your Seren to start and stop charging

  • Save Money

    Save money with Seren by ensuring you’re only charging your car at a time when electricity prices are lowest

  • Connectivity

    Seren is smart-enabled to comply with The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, allowing the charger to send and receive information and signals

  • Security Guaranteed

    Lock your charger when you’re away to stop others from using it or allow access to family and friends when needed

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Compatible with all major vehicle brands