• Approachable

    Seren is designed with both the installer and end user in mind. Its intuitive design ensures easy on-site installation, catering to installers' needs. Moreover, Seren provides a straightforward smart control interface, making it simple for homeowners to manage and operate effectively.

  • Protected

    Seren comes equipped with built-in RCD and PEN fault protection, coupled with rigorous testing and adherence to the highest standards of compliance. With these safety features and measures, you can rest assured that Seren keeps you in safe hands at all times.

  • Environmental

    We are dedicated to driving transformational change through Seren. Every EV charger we design can be fully remanufactured for complete circularity.


We’re here to provide a simple and eco-friendly EV charger that’s not only easy to install and use but also thoughtfully designed to complement British homes.


Drawing from over 25 years of experience in the British electrical industry and a vast knowledge of the residential building sector, Seren is part of the Aurora Lighting family and an important member of the Galaed Group